Slab and Tile Guarantee:

We grantee any shortage of cargo due to commercial invoice given.

Any chipped of edges of slabs & tiles.

Any tolerances more than standard in thicknesses & dimensions (1mm).

We grantee any breakage of stone due to insufficient packing.

We guarantee nonuniform color more than 10% of agreed color.

Blocks Guarantee:

We grantee & sending cubic shape of block.

We grantee of any crack in blocks which could be seen by man.

We grantee big discrepancy of color which could be seen by man with the agreed color.

Strong recommendation to our clients :

For any claim for above items, please provide us enough film, photos & enough documents.

Try to check & provide enough documents before clearance of cargo from custom because sometimes damage happened by shipping line so we should have enough evidence from official offices.

Compensation of any claims will be in two way first is through insurance & second by us so in both case we should have enough documents.