Tile Packing System

Professional natural stone sellers and suppliers understand that packed materials are vulnerable to damages. Damage is natural while any stone passes through different phases of loading, unloading, and sea or road transportation. FRS have a professional tile packing system.

In addition, packers fumigate and treat crates chemically before the dispatch. They use a waterproof plastic to prevent the stone from being exposed to moisture, light, and cold. All natural stone suppliers need to put an emphasis on using strong and functional packaging materials so that all natural stone tiles can reach to the consumers’ place in a perfect condition.

Generally, a wooden crate is used to pack the finished natural stones with the following ones:

  • packaging items, like polythene, foam, and thermocol.
  • A strong plastic belt to make packed goods remain unmoved.
  • The wooden crate labeled with its contents.
  • Wrapped with plastic to prevent foreign substances from entering the crate.
  • A strong corrugated box to export mosaics, roofing natural stone tiles, slate stone, and stacked and walling stones.